A simple plan to hit $111K this year (and what might be stopping you from reaching your money goals) 

One thing I know about you is that you’re passionate and you have a desire to serve others. 

(And if you’re anything like my clients you have years of experience and multiple certifications under your belt.) 

Yet, you’re so afraid of simplifying your offer because it feels like other parts of you need to get pushed off to the side. When in fact less is actually more when it comes to growing your business. 

You’ve mastered the basics of online business, but you’re still just making an average income and most of the time you’re settling for clients instead of attracting the ones you really dream about working with. 

You know there’s work to be done, but most of the online business programs you’re finding cater to complete beginners - and that’s not you!! 

The second reason is your tendency to be empathetic - meaning that you’re worried about charging higher prices because “what if this person that I REALLY want to work with can’t afford me?” 

And this comes back to your money beliefs and ALSO reframing how you’re actually serving someone. 

Would your client get more of a transformation from a single session or a 6 month, high-end client experience? The answer seems obvious, right? 

But right now, you’re assuming things about our client’s capacity or willingness to pay because of your OWN money story.  

So the first step to hitting $111K this year is simply to get comfortable with the idea that it’s completely possible for you to attract this amount of money. And it starts with your mindset. 

(Deep subconscious belief work is one of the pillars the Elevate to Thrive Method.) 

Let me ask you…why does charging less right now FEEL more comfortable? Even though you’re YEARNING for MORE…more luxury, more connection, more freedom and more time?

Asking this question might just be the first step to busting through your income ceiling this year. 

xo Relinde 

P.S. You can totally hit your $111K income goal in the next year simply by booking 1-2 high-end clients each month. Feels much more doable, right?

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