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Hi, I’m Relinde

dancer, energy-master, and coach from Amsterdam
I’ve choreographed and danced performances worldwide, and have taught body mind and energy practices to 1000’s of people from all kind of backgrounds all over the world.

And now?


Why am I for you?

BECAUSE you’re busy and you need someone who reminds you to take care of your biggest asset: YOU

BECAUSE you envy that one friend that always seems to stay so darn ZEN whatever happens.. you would love to have more energy and feel really connected to your body (read: yourself)

BECAUSE you know this life is happening only once and you’d better make it the most amazing mind-blowing badass experience you could ever imagine

And me? That is exactly what I do.

I help you release anything that is in the way of having everything you want.


The tools I use vary from exercises that will make your body feel as if you just had a massage, From happy dancing workouts to flowing yoga, to profound energy work.

From 5-minute hacks to enliven your body with ease to private sessions where we go deep into hidden belief systems that unconsciously hold you from your next breakthrough, and clear them out in no time.

I’ll help you without your usual back pain, to finally having enough energy again to be fully present with your loved ones, without drinking too much coffee or burying your head in self-doubt.


So whether you want to

  • build your dream business and need more confidence, or you want to
  • be a better and happier mum to your kids,
  • you want to find it out what you really want to do in this life,
  • want to get rid of energy dips
  • or improve the relationship with your spouse


you’ll never have the excuse again that you didn’t know how to get over your ‘blocks’ so that you could be and feel that way.

Because he, you met me today!


Best part:

I offer most of my programs online to make it easy to work with me wherever you are. I offer online courses and one on one programs. Or if you want to, you can come meet me in person in a retreat in Bali.

Ready to get past everything that holds you back?


Click here to check out my services.



Want to know what my clients & students say?

I don’t give praise easily, but I feel so privileged to have had these online courses recommended to me.  I am a highly sensitive person, and I juggle being a mother, a wife, a doctor and a friend to many and while I feel blessed and have achieved so much, I still suffer with self doubt, and I get stuck physically, emotionally and mentally at times.

Thank you for helping me! These online course are so beautifully presented, and easy to use and follow, and I can do them at times that suit me rather rushing to get to a class, with no time pressure or distractions.

They have helped me learn to quiet my mind, and get back to me!

All aspects of my life have improved and I’m just so grateful Relinde, and I want to say to all those thinking about starting her courses, to just go ahead and start as soon possible because I wish had started them earlier, it’s the best money I’ve spent on myself in this life!

Shereen de Barr

Doctor, wife, mother

I feel that I have found a better connection and openness and more forgiveness with myself and others. Which helps me to unblock emotions.

The course was really accessible. It was quick, and it was easy and that was mainly because of the way Relinde explained it.  She shared secrets – you know – things that have often been taught to be secrets, with us in a way that made it really natural.

Christine-Marsden Smedley

Ayurvedic Therapist

Want to know more about me?

I’ll keep it simple and random, with these 11 facts:

1. I love tai chi, dance, and yoga, but I hate superficial teachings that are only about the form. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good technique, but I believe that the real way to move healthy is to understand your body-mind from the inside out.

2. I’m originally from a tiny village in the Netherlands called St. Hubert. But I think I am trans-national. I feel like I am from Valparaiso in Chile (or Cuba or Argentina or Another Planet).

3. I nearly died when I decided to stop eating at age 14. The doctors told my mum she was taking home a dying child. But I didn’t (obviously). Instead, I finished high school, got into Theatre School which I wanted so badly that I started eating again. I cured myself by focussing on the healthy part of me, and everything turned out pretty well, if I may say so. But I do know how it feels to hit rock bottom. And how it is to climb up again. I am grateful that I am alive each & every morning I open my eyes.

4. My love for dance started when I was about four years old. Here is a picture of my very first performance on stage. I am the duck on the right, next to my best friend Sanne, who is still my best friend by the way.


5. I take a shower up to three times a day. When I wake up, after my workout, and in the evening before bed. I know it’s too much. But I just loooveee to shower. While listening to audiobooks. Long and Hot (I do leave a steam curtain which is pretty dramatic.)

6. I have lived in more than six countries in the past four years. And traveled to about 15 countries. Once I left Amsterdam big old FREEDOM did get the best of me.

7.  I had my own Dance Company for eight years: L’amove DC and choreographed, danced and produced my very own performances. I was featured in Dutch Dance Magazine and write regularly for House of Awareness. I have taught masterclasses to dancers in Singapore, Guatemala, the Netherlands. My first One Minute Dance Film ‘Dancing Havana’ won an award and got shown on Dutch television. I have a ridiculous amount of teacher degrees. Won’t tell you how many ’cause you might think I’m a nerd.

8. I speak four languages and have a bit of an accent in all of them. Mostly when I speak Spanish. People think I am Cuban or something like that when they hear me speak. Which brings me back to point nr 2. I guess it is true.

9. I have a serious addiction to Matcha Latte! And vegan kinds of milk. Attempt to take either of these away from me, and you will pay the consequences.

10. I LOVE MY JOB! I love bodies, humans, the way we think, make problems that aren’t real, getting to the essence and past the BS. I have a huge heart for all of that. Most of all, I love tuning into you and helping you to get past whatever is in your way so that you can love-bomb yourself.

11. That’s what I hope to do for you here…help you DISCOVER ease and FEEL your absolute best, all the time!



Anywhere in the world.
On the Internet.
Probaply in Bali, Amsterdam or New York.