I was 15.

If my life has a theme, it is this:

Just two years later – despite still recovering, I got accepted into a prestigious theater school, graduated, and then passed the auditions for a dance academy.

After 8 years of studying I founded my own dance company and traveled the world with my dancers & crew. It was amazing. We danced in villages in Mexico and prestigious big theaters in the Netherlands.

until life had other plans.



Did I make the wrong decision?



One day I asked my teacher if I could get the afternoon off, because my business coach had asked me to write a bio - and even though I had worked on it for weeks now I still couldn't come up with anything good.

I had spent hours hanging over a blank piece of paper, drafting things, and then quickly throwing it all away because nothing felt like me, nor any draft I came up with would position me as an expert of any kind.

I understand, said the belief-work teacher, but why don't we look for some beliefs first, as a limiting belief might be at the root of your writers' block?

Oh my, did we find limiting beliefs!

Big blockbuster beliefs and it took tears, lots of letting go, and forgiveness to shift them.

But when we shifted that programming into

Beliefs like



I am not a leader

I am a leader

I should be further ahead by now

I am exactly where I need to be

It is not safe to put myself out there

It is safe to put myself out there

When I get more successful, I will be working 24/7

I can be more successful and have more free time

When I share my truth, people will find me arrogant (and I will end up alone)

I can share my truth and be liked and loved for who I am

in other words:

Something Miraculous happened.

During the lunch break, I wrote my bio, got clear on who I wanted to help and how I would do it, within 20 minutes. My business coach was surprised and couldn't believe the clarity and the vast transformation I had gone through.

Not long after I looked at my bank account and from being in the red,

I now had more than $15k in my account.

I remember bursting into tears - it was such a sense of relief. I was signing one client after the other for my exclusive 1:1 programs.




from there.

Knowing who you help with what

Creating offers you are super excited about

Being visible in a way that truly represents your exclusivity

Creating a sales process that converts

Elevating your beliefs to match every goal or strategy.

Over the years, I developed and refined the Method. After doing thousands of sessions I can hear the beliefs that are underneath the problems my clients share with me, such as not understanding why they're not landing more clients (and that other coach is getting all of them!) or not surpassing their income level of 5 or 10 K (or any amount) months.

Because of my dance, yoga and qigong background I can even see beliefs in the way people hold themselves in their bodies.

Of all the healing work I have done finding and shifting the belief on a subconscious and energetic level has proven to be the one most powerful and effective practice.

The Elevate to Thrive Method teaches you how to go way deeper than the usual mindset stuff and by getting into your subconscious mind - find the beliefs that are causing the struggle - and shift them once and for all.

Beliefs mainly come up when you want something, aka you 'have a dream'. That's why I love working with vision-driven entrepreneurs.

Some people would call this making the impossible possible.

The people that are needed the most, that are most qualified to make the world a better place, aren’t always the people that are best at making money.

Well, me and my team are here to help turn that all around.


The world needs you to live your purpose, and to be

while you're at it.

The Elevate to Thrive Values inspire me and my team in everything we do.


Are you ready?

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Graduated Dance Academy in Amsterdam... ready to conquer the world!


Founded my own dance company and started choreographing and producing my own performances.

Choreographed, danced, toured the world: the WILD YEARS.



Moved to Bali + learned online business from Digital Nomads = changed my life & business

Live happily ever after working from my laptop – traveling, dancing & helping others to do the same.