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Energy Mastery
Are you ready to step into your full power?

Energy Mastery is the only 6-month program that shows you the pathways to an amazing connection with yourself.

If this were your typical day…

You wake up early in the morning,
full of energy and zest for life. When you wake up, you tune in with your body and energy, and know what you need, to be your best self.

Without any effort,
you do your physical or energetic practice to get aligned and ready. During the day you work on your projects or business with confidence and clarity. You recognize when you are getting ‘into your head’ and lose the connection with your body, or when your energy levels are getting low. Right away you know how to reset that, get back into your body and be fully energized.

Your connection with yourself is genuine and loving.
You and your body-mind communicate beautifully. Your improved inner listening reflects in your connections with others – your heart is overflowing with love, and you feel like you have more than enough to give. Without losing yourself.

You have clear boundaries.
You say ‘yes’ when you mean it and ‘no’ when it’s needed. Now you are clear in your connection to yourself, your body, your energy, and your intuition are so strong, it is easy to keep yourself on track.

When stress comes in,
your todo list explodes, your child gets sick; your project gets stuck, you have resilience. You know how to process your emotions and how to release the tension that you used to store in your body (your shoulders, hips, back!). You’ve got the tools to let them go profoundly and quickly, and therefore your stress, irritation, anger or frustration simply don’t last that long.

In the evening you cleanse your energy,
you prepare your body and mind to rest. As a result, your sleep is deep, and you wake up full of energy to start another beautiful day.

Of course,
this sounds too good to be true….

Unless it isn’t!

There are so many excellent tools out there to heal ourselves, to energize every cell in our bodies, to clear our energy fields and to feel great. You just got to find them and integrate them in your daily life. 


Let’s dream big here;

you can feel great in your body and be a master of your energy, even if…


  • You think you don’t have the time to dedicate to any practice
  • You’ve ‘tried it all, ’ but it just doesn’t work for you
  • You think you are too old, too late, too busy…
How do I know?
Because I’ve been there…

And by dedicating a lot of time,
investing a lot of money and studying with the best teachers around the globe. I’ve created an integrated body-mind-energy method that is profound, efficient and practical.

The biggest crisis in my life
presented itself at a very early age. I struggled with my body, my self-image around the age of 15. I struggled more than the average teenager, and as a result started to look for answers to big questions.

Ever since,
I have been interested in pathways to feel great in my body, to be in my full power, to be creative and genuine.

It’s has been a beautiful journey,
and it has brought me to the joyful, happy, powerful woman I am today. I am a certified teacher in theater, dance, yoga, qi gong, tai chi and a theta healer.  All of that because I continuously followed my desire to learn and to evolve.

I’ve worked in as a dancer a teacher
and a choreographer for 17 years now. To become a person that would be comfortable on stage and to guide groups, I needed to overcome a lot of my insecurities.

When I exchanged the theater and dance world
for a location independent entrepreneurial lifestyle, I realized that I had been taking care of dancer-artist-Relinde, but that I felt uncomfortable giving myself the same amount of attention to, just me. Everything I did – my ballet practice, my qigong practice, my therapies were driven by wanting to be a better artist and a better performer. And I got good in that!

But when being on stage wasn’t a regular thing anymore, I lost it.

I fell back into my pattern of not putting myself first
(because I didn’t realize yet that that was the whole point of it all!)
That all those things I wanted Relinde-the-dancer to have, all those things that I thought she was worth, were worth it just to be me in this life.

Then it hit me

How I feel influences every part of my life

And how I feel is for 99% in my own hands.

That insight was huge.
I didn’t only need to feel great in my
body/mind/energy to be shining on stage. I needed to feel great to get everything out of my life. To be able to give to my loved ones, to run my own business, to feel my life is worthwhile (and beyond).

As a result,
I started to figure out how I could apply all my knowledge to my day to day life…

I spent the last three years to put it all together.
I lived in Bali, taught yoga, dance and qi gong and used all my leftover time to dedicate to my practice. I started to feel amazing and that resonated. More and more people wanted to know what I was doing and how they could feel the same.

And while I was still developing my unique training,
teaching and healing -methods, I credit three things with getting me where I am now…


1. I learned to listen to my body, mind, and energy.

I realized that although I thought I was always following my heart, I wasn’t listening to the signs of my body and mind. It appeared that I was doing I wanted, but inside I wasn’t always that happy. So I learned to really listen and understand the signals of my inner self and my energy.


2. “It all starts with me.”

The moment I found that out, I liberated myself from all the workout and spiritual guru’s that told me to do things the way they thought they needed to be done. I now knew how to listen to my body, and the next step was to apply the tools and practices I had and use them in a way that worked for me. That was the beginning of real health and real freedom.


3. I deliberately choose teachers 

that I wanted to learn from. I used my inner work to determine what was right for me and what wasn’t. My best tool for that was noticing if something made me feel more energy (a higher vibration) or would make me feel rigid and with low energy. I let the energy guide me, and discovered the most amazing guides on my path.

Gradually I started to feel more and freer, and I attract more and more students. My new path (after dance-theatre world) is unfolding beautifully, and I am creating the life I had always wanted. That makes my heart sing. That makes me wanna wake up and dance every morning.

At this point…
you would be forgiven for not complétely believing me (yet)

and saying:

“That’s well and good for you, but there’s no way that it will work for me. I don’t have the time for that! It seems like a lot of work…”

I totally get you!

You might think that you:

  • Don’t have the time to do complicated practices and hours of meditations.
  • It is too late for you, you’re too old or too stiff or too tired,
  • This is how it is and you’ve just learned to accept it,
  • You’ve tried other things and got disappointed because nothing ever really changed.

But that’s why I am here.
Because I have gone throught it all, and I have years and years of experience in teaching I have found ways to give you the same results I had in a small amount of time.

And… yes..
You already do have the answers inside of you. I am going to help you with removing all the things, the thoughts, the belief systems, the habits that hold your fabulous self from shining. And once it all starts to flow, you’ll just get into this incredible upward spiral. And that will set you up for success in all areas of your life.

You cán have more energy, effortlessly change your habits,
attract the good things in life and restore your body to optimal health. In three months from now, you can have made the fundamental shifts you so desire. And you will have have the tools to keep the upward momentum going.

Just ask these beautiful people:

I have found a better connection and openness and more forgiveness with myself and others. Which helps me to unblock emotions.

The program was really accessible. It was quick, and it was easy and that was mainly because of the way Relinde explained it.  She shared secrets – you know – things that have often been taught to be secrets, with us in a way that made it really natural. Christine Marsden-Smedley

Ayuverdic therapist, Australia

I don’t give praise easily, but I feel so privileged to have had these online courses recommended to me.  I am a highly sensitive person, and I juggle being a mother, a wife, a doctor and a friend to many and while I feel blessed and have achieved so much, I still suffer with self doubt, and I get stuck physically, emotionally and mentally at times.

Thank you for helping me! These online course are so beautifully presented, and easy to use and follow, and I can do them at times that suit me rather rushing to get to a class, with no time pressure or distractions.

They have helped me learn to quiet my mind, and get back to me!

All aspects of my life have improved and I’m just so grateful Relinde, and I want to say to all those thinking about starting her courses, to just go ahead and start as soon possible because I wish had started them earlier, it’s the best money I’ve spent on myself in this life!


Shereen de Barr

Doctor, Mother, UK

I’m so grateful to Relinde for the changes she has helped me to achieve so far. Her friendly approach, with an open heart, remarkable skills, knowledge, and passion made this journey an amazing experience.

I definitely feel that something has shifted, know that I now have the tools to make things better…re-energize, be “in the moment”, regain self-esteem, strength, and motivation. All this makes me feel so different, much more at peace…and this is just the beginning. Giuliana Moressa

Teacher, Italy

I  can’t believe how much I learned about myself and how much I released in such a short time. Relinde has such a soothing presence that I found each session to be incredibly relaxing as well as being a valuable way for me.  We easily shifted limiting beliefs I have grown accustomed to thinking of as the truth, and that has affected how I have been choosing to live my life. Holly Blake

Artist, England

 I am now in charge of my life. 

When I met Relinde, I was exhausted and felt disconnected to myself. I felt stressed and worried a lot. Now I feel more in charge of my own life because for example, whenever I get stressed, I know what I can do to get back to feeling good. I now have the tools. 

Before I met Relinde, I was relying on people outside, but now I have this trust that I know what to do on my own. 

I got much more compassionate with others I am also more understanding, firstly towards myself and then as well to others. Relationships have gotten better, both with myself and with other people, because I can let go of things with ease now. I feel joyful and in my full power.

Zane Paula

Account Manager, Latvia


Within the next six months you will: 


1 Know yourself – acknowledge the signals of your body – mind, and intuition

2. Experience genuine self-love and trust. 

3. Effortlessly choose what is right for you and therefore creating the life, and the quality of life you desire. 


the Energy Mastery Private Program

Energy Mastery is the only 6-month program
that shows you the pathways to an amazing connection with yourself; your energy, your mind, and body. And that it where it starts – from there, you will find yourself out there in the world making decisions easily, lifting your business and projects to high levels and having meaningful relationships with your loved ones (and your clients!)

Unlike other workout-, yoga-, fitness-, meditation programs,
this program is about YOU. It is not about following rules and getting skilled in a particular training or tool. It is about connecting the dots.

You are Unique. 
Literally. There is only one of you in the world, in this time and space reality and the WORLD WANTS YOU. Your perspective is valuable. And you can only fully own it when you let go of all the things that block it.

Your business, your life, reflects your inner world. 
Unless you are going to be connected and whole, with every part of yourself, you are not going to be successful in your business. Or maybe you are, but how do you feel inside? If the business is doing great, but you aren’t how sustainable is that? And isn’t that defeating its purpose?

Be you and love being you
enjoy your life, and create it every day with a clear mind and an open heart.

Here is what you will get
  • A 60-minute Onboarding session – where we will dive deep and determine your goals for the three months.
  • Two 90-minute sessions a month with me – either in person or online. In the sessions, we will work on exactly that what is needed for you.
  • Recordings of all your sessions neatly organized in your private member area. So you can repeat the sessions and the material as often as you want.
  • Access to my Online Course ‘The Art of Energy’


  • Unlimited access to me via email, phone and text. You can ask me anything! I will be there to support you on every step of the way.


Your investment

for the 6-month Energy Mastery Private Program

Is 2700 Euro

Or a monthly payment of 500 euro, for six months.


One time payment

Transform your reality, start from within.

Sign up now, and start right away.

6 Monthly Payments

Transform your reality, start from within.

Sign up now, and start right away

Satisfaction Guarantee I trust that you will love this program, as I know the depth and the realness of it. I know the enormous transformations I have made in my life, and the positive changes my students and clients have achieved.

That’s why I promise you that if you haven’t had any positive changes from the program, despite dedicating the time to it, I will give you another 3-months of the program, for free. I am committed to your success and will work with you until we have created the shifts you desired.