How do you hold a boundary as an empathetic coach or healer? 

I know what it’s like, because I’ve seen clients struggle with this time and time again…

On a personal level, you’re so invested in your client’s journey and how they develop during their time with you. 

You want all the best for them. 

What can be really hard is holding the integrity of your agreement in place when challenges come up for your client. 

Maybe your client wants to..

☞ Stretch out their payment plan even further

☞ Get extra 1:1 time
☞ Or stop working with you mid-way through your agreement

How do you handle these delicate situations? How do you maintain the client boundary when you’re an empath? 

I think of a business agreement like a house that holds the transformation you’re creating with your client. And in order for that transformation to happen, it needs structure. 

If you start being wobbly and letting the excuses go… “I’m so sorry you didn’t have the time” or “let me give you extra sessions to make you happy” you’re going to start resenting your client and even your entire business. 

Plus, what you’re actually doing is allowing your client an out, so they don’t have to deal with an expression of themselves that isn’t in their power. 

(You know the flaky, fearful version of themselves) 

What I find is that having this structure in place (and keeping it strong throughout the entire agreement) is what really allows your clients to show up for themselves, and not put the blame on you. 

Do you feel that holding strong boundaries is actually a form of compassion for your clients? Let me know in the comments.

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