You are endlessly powerful: A guide on how to heal yourself

You are endlessly powerful: A guide on how to heal yourself

Can you heal yourself?

Okay, I get it. You might think: I just always have lower back pain, or I just have stiff hamstrings.
Maybe you have learned to live with not sleeping well or being so exhausted after work that you don’t have the energy to do anything else in the evenings.

I get it. When I had a whiplash, and the doctors told me I would have that slight pain in my neck forever, I thought I had to deal with it.

Until, I got rid of the pain, and besides that, got rid of the colds in winter, the allergies, my belly cramps..


YOU are infinitely powerful

I am so passionate about telling you this. YOU are infinitely powerful. Your body is wired to heal itself and to restore. You just need to find the pathways to connect with that self-healing capacity of your body.



Why is this so important?

Because small things aren’t small. Small things can become big. And besides that, small things can have more impact on you than you think. Most of all, it are signs of your body that something is not right. And the signs are there so that you can take action!


Find the Flow :

Where there is pain, there is stagnation. Where there is stagnation there is pain.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but what does it mean? 
This is how Chinese Medicine looks at any illness. There is either a blockage in the flow of chi (and blood) or insufficiency of chi (energy) flow.

So we need to remove blockages and increase the flow. And that will solve the problem. Always. Whatever it is.

You can translate this principle to these three levels: physical, emotional and mental.


In your body

For example, your lower back pain means that the energy is not flowing freely. What can you do to release the blockage or to increase your energy levels?

In short: release blockages by releasing unnecessary tension in your body.

Due to wrong posture or moving too little or too much you can create tension in your body. This restricts the flow. So you want to do something to loosen it up. Maybe that is having a walk in nature, going to a massage therapist or going to a Yin Yoga class.



What about your emotions?

Emotional blockages might show up a physical pain, or as fatigue, anger, annoyance or overall stress. Often we don’t want to feel the emotion that is actually there, because, well it is unpleasant to feel it.

But here is the thing: You’ve gotta feel it to heal it. There is no way around it.

So if you have any of the things above, tune in with yourself. And ask: instead of me being so tired, or angry or annoyed, what is really going on? What is the underlying cause of this discomfort I am feeling?

Is there something that you need to let go of? Is there anything coming up that is bothering you? Any anger you are holding on to? Or are you feeling guilty? Do you need to forgive someone?

If you feel this is true for you, sit with these questions. Write down what comes to mind. And try to get a clear picture of what it is that you haven’t been able to let go of.

Next step is to see I you can forgive, or let go of the grief. And if you feel you need some support, do reach out for it!


Get rid of Mental Clutter


This is a sneaky one. Because often we do not see our mental blockages.

Mental blockages are beliefs that are so deeply grounded within you, that you don’t notice at all that it is a blockage. Often, you unconsciously rely on this belief. It makes you feel safe. And your subconscious thinks it needs the belief to keep you safe!

There are plenty of ways to work on this. But first of all, become aware. When you find yourself stating things like: I am just not good at…X – or people are not to be trusted, know that this is the kind of believes that we are talking about. Challenge them a bit, and open up to the opportunity that you can change this core belief.

Another mental blockage is Overthinking. I wrote about it last week. Overthinking is dangerous because it deludes you. It is like being in a conversation with someone while you just keep talking. No matter what the other person does, you won’t be able to hear what he or she is saying.

That is what your body feels when your thinking mind is overactive. However loud the body will scream and send signs, they are not likely to be heard because you are so busy thinking.


So do you want to know HOW to access your amazing self-healing, nourishing superpowers?

Click here and get access to my FREE videos.


To my fellow artists and creatives

To my fellow artists and creatives

As an artist or creative you do what you love most.

Unlike many people, you have found your passion, your talent, your genius zone.

But what if you could be in a more stable financial situation, could do more of the work you really want to do?

(And say no to these things that you don’t want to do with confidence!)

Do you still
– get offered jobs in exchange for a cup of coffee?
– feel that people do not fully value what you have got to offer?
–  see no other way than waiting for the right job to come along, a grand or to keep working with that one side job?


What if I told you that there is a way to build a business around your biggest passion, and you don’t have to do anything anymore what you don’t want to do.


Me, 10 years ago. I graduated from Dance Academy, which was my second bachelor degree. I now was a Teacher in Theatre and a Contemporary dancer. Combined that made me the choreographer I wanted to be.

In the beginning, I looked for jobs. I danced in other peoples performances, I taught classes to dancers and non-dancers al around the globe.

Until I realized that with working in all those different locations, I wasn’t building something. I felt that I needed to bring my love for theatre and dance together and long story short, I founded my own Dance Company.

Since then I have never looked back. I now realize that I became an entrepreneur, but at that time I didn’t even know what that word meant.

Fast forward, an amazing 8 years of running my own Dance Company, I decided to re-invent myself again and take my business online. For the same reason, I needed to change the format of my work in order to live the life I want to live.

And from the moment I embraced the online world to work, and have dived deeper into business and marketing I clearly see how we artists get stuck in thinking that there is only one way.

So what can you do to open up more possibilities for you as an artist (and let’s face it, as an entrepreneur)?


1 Share more of what you do


Share more of what you do! By using.. the internet.  Artists and creatives work a lot, but don’t show much of the process.

Artists are likely to think that they should only show the outcome of the work.

But what I see now in having a creative online business, is that it is much easier to build an audience if you share more of the process with people. It makes it much easier for them to connect with you.


2 What is the difference you can make in peoples lives?


What can your work mean to people and in what ways can you deliver it to them?

For example, I can teach a theatre workshop, where people will learn to act. But inevitably they will also learn a lot about themselves. So I decided to find ways to create these transformational moments in online workshops.

I can create an impact with making a dance performance, and or I can do it it with taking people through an experience in another way.

You don’t have to change your artistic work. But can you share more about the process, or have creative ways to grow your impact as an artist?

For example, when you share more, you can teach people something about a creative process. You provide value for them, and so they either support your artistic work, or they could end up paying you for a course or coaching!



3. Success is not absolute, it is contextual.


Point Three is maybe the most important one.


There is this common belief in Artist land, that there are things that you can do that are ’honorable’ and things that aren’t. So, for example, it is a ‘good’ thing to be an artist and exhibit your paintings in a well-known museum because it means you are successful.

But if you teach your art or anything related and change lives in another way, it means you failed as an artist. Which is just total BS if you ask me.

What I realized is that success is not absolute. It is contextual. Yes, if you make a performance that wins an award, that is a success. But that only really gets seen in the context of ‘theatreland’! And if you teach a retreat, where peoples lives have changed after they’ve been.. that is a huge success as well.

There really is no difference.

But for some reason that is for us artists and creatives a hard one to crack.

The moment you open yourself up to more possibilities, when you start to think of how you can bring value to the world with your talents, passions, and skills there is soo much more possible.

Rock on with your bad self if you are kicking it as an artist, awesome. You don’t have to do anything else.

But remember success is, what you determine it to be.

What really opened my eyes was the Free training from Marie Forleo. And it is available today only for limited time.

Go get it HERE.

How to stop overthinking everything

How to stop overthinking everything

Do you recognize this?
You feel like you’re stuck in a loop of ongoing thoughts and you can’t get out of your head.
Your mind is busy with never-ending chatter. In fact, it’s everywhere, but not in the present.

Once in a while, you break free, but most of the time your thoughts worries keep you from getting into the here and now.

Ok. I hear you.


You suffer from overthinking…


The good news is, I know how you feel. I have been there.
(And after a long day behind the computer I can still feel like that!)

I would overthink everything, have discussions with myself in my head (sometimes I even think I have a whole board of directors up there all wanting to be right).

The good news?

I have found ways out of it.

I now can catch myself when I am overthinking, and get back to be a complete person.
Instead of just a walking head.

And if I can do it, you most certainly can too.

The truth is, I think almost everyone I know overthinks things.



It is totally fixable


Today I will tell you how to connect your body to your brain and to feel comfortable in your skin, full of energy.

Think you are a hopeless case? I’ve got you covered. Keep reading.

First things first, let’s look at your brain (with compassion)!


WHY are you overthinking?


1 Your brain wants to keep you safe

You overthink the next steps you are going to take because you want to be safe.

“If I follow my heart and go to Honolulu, I might get some horrible tropical flu.
“I really want to quit my job (i hate it!) but I can’t  because the economy is bad and I won’t find anything else.”

Your brain just wants to protect you from having anything happen to you.

Which is a good thing… but 99% of the time your brain is a bit like a hyper overprotective mum.

And so you end up doing nothing but sitting there thinking about what you could do (and losing time!)


2 Your brain is afraid of failure

Your thinking mind will present you with all kind of things that could go wrong.

“I would start my own business, but if nobody buys my products or services, I am embarrassed and will have to go back to my job,”

“Should I get into yoga or would I look silly because I am so stiff?”


3 Your brain wants you to  take the absolute right decision

You are so aware that time is passing and that you can’t go back in time, that you always want to make the only right decision.

Therefore you don’t take one more step because you have overthought every possibility you have. Which will get you .. nowhere.


4 Your brain wants to  control what other people think about you

Sometimes your thoughts come from ‘other people’. You might have this room full of friends, colleagues, and family that are giving you advice, in your head.

What would my best friend think if I would buy this pair of shoes, what would my husband think if I would quit my job, .. etc.

An impossible overthinking mode, because everyone is going to have an opinion anyway. You can’t control it, and in the end it doesn’t matter.

You have to make your own decisions.



TIP 1 Become aware

Put your ‘overthinking awareness’ on for a week or so and become aware.
Do you recognize yourself in one of the situations above?
Do you have impulses to take action but end up thinking about it instead of doing it?


TIP 2 Move!

This is, of course, a great way to Get out of your head: Get into your body. Move, run, do yoga, go swimming, walk the dog, dance to your favorite music. Moving will get you out of your head, for sure.

And when you revisit the problem or issue later, you might see an easy solution in no time.

Warning: You can also move and still be in your head. I see it in the gym all the time. When working out, go into your body, feel what you are doing.


TIP 3 Meditate

When you sit still and just are with your thoughts, you can distance yourself from them. It is not needed to have an ‘empty mind’ to be able to meditate. The practice is to become the observer. So the thoughts are still there, but you are now the one observing them, instead of being actively engaged.

Therefore, it is you that is in charge. And not the chatter in your mind.

The next time you are going around and around in your head before you take a decision, you will just ssssshhh the thoughts. And you get moving and simply take action on the initial topic.


TIP 4 Take action!

Taking action is the goal here, and the ultimate cure against overthinking. My mentor Marie Forleo says this really well: Clarity comes from engagement, not thought!

Tell your brain you will never know what will go wrong, or what will go right, until you actually go on the holiday, quit the job, make the proposal or eat the pizza.


Want some help getting out of your head?

I’m giving away my best tips to Get out of your head for FREE.
Go here to get them now.

Don’t stick to one movement practice!

Don’t stick to one movement practice!

What is your favorite workout? Maybe you have heard this: If you love one practice, stick to it. Get really good in one thing. Be great at either running, yoga, meditation, kung fu, ballet, fitness, pilates, volleyball, surfing, you name it…

But I am going to tell you the opposite.

Mix it up

Do different things.
Practice movement styles you have never done before. Sure, you’ll have your favorites, but do not keep it to one movement practice!

Maybe you are the ambitious kind, and you like to get really good at one thing. Nail all those difficult handstands in yoga poses. Or be able to win a marathon. Or you just like to stick to what you know! Which is great and I have nothing against that.

What if I told you that you could improve yourself, your body and your practice even more if you would alternate in between different practices.

Every practice has a different emphasis. And doing a number of them will balance your body on deeper levels than ever before.


Body, mind, and energy


In my personal training and my work with students, I use and fuse different practices for body, mind, and energy. Body, mind, and energy are connected, and every workout embodies all three of them. But every practice has a different emphasis.

Great workouts and good teachers do touch upon all three of them though.


Get fit with physical workouts


Physical practices are running, yoga, fitness, ballet, Zumba, dance, swimming, etcetera.

When we talk about personal training or workouts, this will be the first category that comes to mind. And it is great. Nothing better than getting out of your head, into your body and just move. And, when you do a physical workout you will notice at that at the same time your mind quiets down.

Within physical workouts, it is great to alternate as well.

I take ballet classes, but I alternate them with yoga classes and workouts in the gym. I make sure I get some cardio training in a couple of times a week, and I train specific muscles with ankle weights or elastic bands.

Doing this improves my abilities to dance as well. And it keeps my body strong, flexible and happy.

If you like running, you might notice your muscles (hamstrings) are pretty strong and short. So you make sure you also do a practice where you relax and lengthen your muscles.

If you do a lot of yoga, you’ll be strong and flexible. But you could benefit from a cardio practice (running, swimming) and your benefit will love ball rolling exercises (see example here) or getting a massage every once in a while.


Sssshhh the thoughts with a Mind practice


Meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness…

Mind practices are there to quiet your mind and to help you to have less unnecessary thoughts. If you are not aware of the ongoing stream of thoughts in your head, just sit still for a minute, and bring your awareness to your breath.

When you do that, you’ll notice that it is hard to keep your focus on your breath for one minute. Your thoughts will take you away from it. Which means you are not aware of them.

Your thinking mind (a.k.a. the monkey mind) is playing with you.

In that state, it is harder to be fully present. Which is important in your workout or sport – anything you perform when you are fully present you will perform better.

And of course, that translates to every aspect of your life. Being present is beneficial to anything you do.

If you like to work creatively, you’re an artist or an entrepreneur, you especially need that quiet time, to get into a creative state. When you meditate, you’ll have more ideas flowing in easily. Creativity just comes to you, all throughout the day.


Be unstoppable – do an Energetic workout


Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu are Energy Arts.

An energetic practice works straight on the energy level. The energy level is fundamental to the other levels (body and mind). If you change something on the energy level, you will notice a direct shift in body and mind.

Energy practices used to be well-kept secrets. (and in a way they still are). Because they are so powerful, it isn’t something you learn in a drop-in class in the gym. It is a subtle level, yet fundamental to the whole of your existence. So when you dive into Energetic practice, you are going to make some big epic changes to yourself and your life.

Qigong is a powerful energy practice. When taught as an energy art, so are Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Another option is to go to an energy healer. Somebody who can help you clear your energies and improve the flow of energy within your body.


Why does this work?


The amount of benefits to practicing each one these different levels is endless. By practicing an Energy Art, you will create inner shifts with ease. Also, it gives you the ability to release tension after a hard workout and prevent injuries.

Mind practices make it easier for you to be present, which means you’ll do your workout or your Qigong practice with more depth – and therefore get more of the benefits. Your weekly cardio workout in the gym will make your body stronger and will stimulate happy hormones that make you feel great!

As I said, it is pretty uncommon to find workouts on those three levels but you are in luck! This is exactly what I do. To experience what I am talking about:

Get my FREE Videos – where I will introduce to you simple exercises that change your day. Because when you change your body, you change your world.

How to stop sniffing, a.k.a. uplevel your immune system

How to stop sniffing, a.k.a. uplevel your immune system

It is January. It’s cold and dark. Around this time of year, I always hear from a lot of people that they have a cold or the flu… and often not for the first time this winter.

It seems normal to get the flu, to walk around with a red nose and sniffing… . As if it is just part of winter.

What if I told you that it isn’t.

Having the flu means that your immune system is not working optimally. If your immune system works fine, the external ‘attack’ of the virus wouldn’t have any success.

So if it does, it tells you something about your resilience.

Or in other words…

In Chinese Medicine Paradigm it would be explained like this:

Your Chi (energy) is not strong enough, is not sufficient, to protect your body from the ‘attacker’ (the virus).


And why is the Chi not strong enough?


Your Chi level can be weak for many reasons. There is an unbalance in your energy levels of some sort. And most probably there are energy blockages that restrict the flow of Chi.


So what are energy blockages?


The blockages could be physical, mental, emotional. Anything that is costing your energy takes your Chi level down. So that can be stress, it can be sadness, or it can be that you are working too much and just physically and mentally tired.


Your Chi is your life energy. It allows your body to function as it is supposed to.


It is the vital energy that makes that your organs do their job well and that your immune system is in optimal form. So if your Chi level is low, it affects your whole body-mind.


The good news is: There are direct and effective ways to clear energy blockages and allow your energy levels to rise.


Remember, I always had colds & fevers until I managed to raise my energy levels. Ever since I am sniff free.


Sometimes I feel that my body is ‘fighting off’ a flu virus, but I haven’t gotten sick in years. And that for somebody who would be sniffing and coughing for at least four months during winter!



Flowing energy = a healthy body


Key is: release of unnecessary tension in body and mind and practicing high-level energy practices that raise your energy levels. So that the blockages on all levels (mental, emotional, physical) are cleared, and the energy can flow!



Release tension


Very often the energy is insufficient because of stress. This stress can be on all levels.

Maybe your body is stressed, you have tensed or stiff muscles because of too much or too little movement, a wrong posture a lot of time of the day… .

Maybe you have been eating unhealthy food, or you smoke or drink alcohol; that is stress for your body as well. You could be mentally stressed – which means it will be very difficult to get to a point where your body goes into ‘rest and digest’ and the self-healing systems of your body can do their work.

If you are emotionally challenged, things are happening in your life that upset you, that will put stress on your entire system as well.


Whatever the cause is, this is the cure:
Release unnecessary tension.


And in my experience, it is great to start with releasing stress from the body.
Everything is connected, so when you release stress from the body, it will release from the mental and emotional level as well.


And when you release the tension, the Chi can flow!



Raise your energy levels


When you can release the stress – from your body and your mind – you can start to raise your energy levels.

There are many ways to do this. The most effective way is Qigong (Or Chi Kung). And in specific, a dynamic Qigong practice that incorporates a ‘Chi Flow’.


NOTE on Qigong or Chi Kung:
There are a lot of different styles of Qigong, and not all of them have the strong, energetic benefits. That is because the genuine art (and high-level skills) are not always shared, or passed on.

If you Qigong teacher says that it will take years before you can feel the energy, you know you haven’t found a teacher that transmits a high-level Qigong practice. It can still be a relaxing practice, and therefore nice to perform, but it is not exactly what I am talking about.

Qigong is, if practiced well, a high-level energy practice. That’s why I don’t teach it for free – but I do give you more information about it in these Free videos. Also, I don’t teach Qigong online only, when learning Qigong from me, you always have access to me to ask questions, and have guidance in your practice. Which is very important, because practiced wrongly, you could even experience tensions or headaches.


Curious? Start with my Free Videos, that help you to release tension and uplevel your energy.


Other practices that raise your energy levels:


* Find a good massage therapist
* Get a Tui Na Massage
* Go to an acupuncturist
* Take a Yin Yoga Class
* Go to an energy healer
* Go to a theta healer


Rest & digest. Activate your bodies self-healing system.


When you have found something that helps you to release the stress and raise your energy levels, make sure to rest plenty. Have an early night, and have a good quality nights sleep.

When your ‘get out of the way,’ and your body gets to rest deeply, the self-healing mechanisms in your body can do their job.

When I train Qigong or get an energy healing, I feel that I need to sleep and rest a bit more. And it’s just amazing to wake up and feel my body that has healed overnight.

Listen to your body when you get to this state, and give it the time that it needs to fully heal and re-energize.



Want to release stress and have more energy, so that your immune system gets a boost? Get my FREE videos here.

Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true?

Do you have what it takes to make your dreams come true?

Do you recognize yourself the following?

You are ambitious, you have dreams and desires.


You are happy with your life as it is and have so much you would still like to do, have or be. Your days are always too short, your todo-list never ends.
You feel like you should be further ahead.
You start to wonder if your dreams are too big, or unrealistic.

I hear you.


I have felt like this and still do sometimes!

But I have found out a process that helps to get a grip on making big dreams come into reality. I used it when I wanted to make and sell my dance performances (and I succeeded), and I used it when I decided to start my online business, and again, I made it happen.


A dream come true


The day that I got accepted to dance academy was one of those days where everything falls into place. It was a sunny day in Amsterdam, I had been auditioning for them for over a month and finally, the big day was there. It was the last audition round, only about 40 of the 300 we started with were still there.

And there we were: in that room. The teacher took her list and read out the names of the people that were ‘in’. If you weren’t accepted, your name would not be mentioned. When I heard my name, my heart stopped for a moment.

I knew this was life-changing. And this was everything I had hoped for, had trained for, had longed for.


The next day we were sent to a doctor and a physiotherapist for physical checkups.


And I remember that profound feeling of being taken care of. I was going to work on my dream: becoming a professional dancer, and there was a plan, a training schedule and a team of professionals that would help me to get there. It was the most amazing feeling ever.


From dancer to online business owner


Flash forward to when I started my online business. After 15 years working in dance and theatre, I reframed my business model completely: I started my online business.

I remembered that feeling of getting into Dance Academy. I knew I needed to create the same kind environment for myself: to be able to learn (how to run an online business) and to be able to get myself to the high-performance level I’d need to make it all happen!


To bring big dreams or visions into reality there are 3 essential things to look at:


1 Get clear on your vision.

To begin with, map out where you are now, in relationship to your vision.

Let’s use the example of me transforming my business. I had a dance company at that moment. That is where my income was coming from. I had 15+ years experience in teaching and had a number of degrees. So clearly I had a lot to give. But I didn’t have any experience in online marketing, I didn’t have a strong online presence, I didn’t have an online program or course. Those were the things I wrote down for myself.

Go ahead and write down where you are at, this moment in time – Write down everything that comes to mind, and that could be possibly related.

To do so you can use this PDF (no need to print it) that I have made for you:

Now we get to the fun part! Your vision!
What is your dream? What do you want exactly? Write down what is clear to you. Be detailed, describe how you feel, what you are wearing, what your day looks like when you have achieved that dream.

And this is an important tip:
Write whatever you want in the present tense. Write as if it has already happened!
‘I am living in a tropical country for three months a year’. If else you’ll train your brain to stay in the ‘I want’. Write everything down as if it is the reality already.

In case you have multiple big dreams, choose one to start with! Focus is important, and if you make everything too general and too big, it won’t be easy to get there.


2 Know your priorities

The journey to your new destination has started! There are soo many things to do, learn accomplish.

And.. on that road, it is easy to forget to take care of you.
So write down somewhere where you will see this often:


“It all starts with me.”


Make yourself a priority. Write down what the things are that make you feel good. Mention all the simple daily things; eat healthily, drink lots of water, get your body moving, your energy flowing, quiet your mind.

After this brainstorm, make a plan: Write down what your weekly body, mind, and energy activities are. So for example, on Mondays I go to yoga, Tuesday I meditate for 15 minutes, on Wednesday I .. ( fill in the blank)

Set yourself a goal to do something at least 10 minutes a day. And do that for one week. Then, do it again for another week, until it is a habit and you just crave your self-care time!


3. Create a support team around you.

You don’t have to do this alone!
Think what your needs are in term of support. Maybe you need to educate yourself on something, to be able to achieve your dream.

For example, I needed to learn about Online Business, and I joined Marie Forleo’s B-School which was a huge game changer.

But there is more; what support do you need to feel good? Maybe you just need to book a massage every month. Or you choose a really good business coach. You might take a subscription to a yoga studio, or an online mastermind. Whatever it is for you, write it down!

Keep reminding yourself that it all starts with you. And that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Invest in yourself, and listen to your to your intuition. If you get support from someone, in whichever way or form, and it makes you feel stronger, more confident and at ease, then it is totally worth it.

How you feel will get back in everything you do, in the people you attract. Ultimately ‘feeling good’ will make it much easier to make your dream happen.

Just remember the image of the dancer on stage, who is radiant and in her full power. She wouldn’t be there if it wouldn’t be for a whole lot of support.

Download the free ‘Dream-Planner’ to write everything down.


How to find magic on a rainy day

How to find magic on a rainy day

Magic??? Some days are just hard.


It feels like everything goes against you, things take longer than expected or don’t happen at all and you just don’t seem to find your mojo. There is no flow, no fun and for sure no magic.

I felt like this today.

It’s winter, even sometimes in Southern Spain where I escaped avoiding winter.

It was cold in-house, and outside, I missed my morning practice, and I had to work a lot, but things weren’t flowing.


Just when I thought it would just not happen today, an amazing rainbow appeared.


I looked at it and chose to believe that it was a sign.


I saw that this rainbow was there for me to tell me that I am on the right path, that everything will be alright and that I am not alone.

It was a magical moment, and I took it in, and it lifted up my mood.


Nothing, or everything is a miracle.


It reminds me of this famous Einstein Quote:

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”

So so true.


Zoom out

When I get stuck in the nitty-gritty of life, of daily things that bother me or things that don’t go my way, I zoom out. Way way out. Far out.

And I remember that I am this little tiny being on a planet that is moving at an incredibly high speed through the universe.


That everything that I am is a miracle, that this planet is a miracle and that we all do not understand anything about how we came here and why we exist.


It calms me down because that perspective makes all the small things so so unimportant.

And it makes my life, this day, this moment so special.

It makes it extra clear to me, that what I see, what I imagine my life to be is what it will be.


There is no absolute truth since we don’t even understand the basics of who we are or what we are doing here. Lol!

So then better make it magical. And see the signs, the messages and the rainbows that are there to guide you through this life.


There is sooo much magic in every moment.
Choose to see it, and there’ll be even more.


Here’s to lots of magic and wonder in all of your days.

Go within rather than without – recipe for the happiest holidays ever

Go within rather than without – recipe for the happiest holidays ever

It’s Christmas time! Although Christmas means something else to everyone, what is universal is that this time of the year, the solstice, the change of season is a time to go within.


In the last years, I have been celebrating Christmas in many different, countries, cultures, climates. From New York where it is freezing and the shops are open 24/7 (we went Christmas shopping at 4 am,!!), to Cuba where Christmas is only for the tourists, to Bali, where again, Christmas is for tourists, to Austria where everything the streets and markets are soo beautiful…

But wherever I am and whomever I am celebrating it with, for me


 the essence is to go within.


And what does that really mean?


Recently I read in A Course in Miracles;


‘Go within rather than without’.

And that sentence has stayed with me. Because, when you go within, and then outwards from there, you do not go without. But when you go without, it means that you are forgetting about your inner world, while connecting to the outer world.


Which makes me think of getting lost in Christmas dinner -over eating -, family fights, too much shopping, too much punch or anything, really that is tooooooo much or tooooo little.


Of course that never happens to you, only to other people (wink).
But it sometimes does accidentally happen to you, keep reading.


HOW to go within rather than without?


And how to go out into the world, while staying connected to the within?



Three essential things to staying connected with your inner self:


1. Take the first minutes after you wake up for yourself.

I like to get my headphones on and listen to a meditation first thing after I wake up. It keeps me from starting my day without going within. And meditating is easier when you’ve just woken up. Try it, it can be a 5 or 10-minute meditation, and feel the difference.


2. Move, connect to your body in some way.

“I am soo much above the neck all the time” is what I hear a lot! By moving your body with awareness, even if it is gentle movement, you literally get into your body. Meaning, your brain, and your body work together and do not live in the illusion that they are separate.

Which makes that MORE OF YOU is present in the world. Which makes going out without losing the within A LOT easier!


3. Do that one thing in the day that you know is good for you.

Trust the ideas that come up in your head! So if you think about taking a bath – do it! Or reading that book, calling that friend, writing in your journal. Whatever it is- DO IT. The biggest challenge is to do all the things others want you to do, and not doing what you want at all. So make sure to squeeze in at least one of your desires.

And if you say, yes, yes I know all that, but at the end of the day, I just don’t do it.


I hear you. And the good news is: you don’t have to do it alone. Changing habits is tricky and changing habits on your own is almost impossible.


That’s why I made NEW VIDEOS that give you quick things that help you to release stress, quiet your mind and feel connected to you in no time.


GO HERE to see the first video – and enjoy GOING WITHIN before you GO OUT today.


After you’ve watched them, leave me a comment, I love to hear from you!


Happy Holidays!

Are you tired? Here is what you can do about it right now.

Are you tired? Here is what you can do about it right now.

Are you tired?

Do you wake up in the morning, wishing you could stay in bed for another hour?
Do you start to lose focus at work around 4 pm?
Are you too tired to do something for yourself when you are done with work?

If you said yes to any of these, I have good news.


You cán do something about it.


1. Breath.

I understand. Life is just busy. Right now you can’t make things easier, or busier. Work, family, friends, everything and everyone are asking for your attention.

What you can do right now is  KEEP BREATHING while being busy.

Simply try to breathe fully while you work, eat, travel, are in a conversation. And notice how different you feel!


2. Move your body.

Are you aware that you are stressed?

Many people don’t even know that they are stressed, although they clearly are. You might know that stress causes all kinds of physical-chemical processes that eventually, make you feel tired. 90% of physical diseases is stress related… . That is how important to be aware of stress and to do something about it.

Moving your body will release the stress.

But – don’t do stressful  (read: very heavy workouts)  when your body is stressed! Make sure that your workout or practice has a healthy balance of stress release, and high demanding activities.


3. Clear emotional issues.

If you had an argument last week, and when you think about it now, you still feel annoyed, then you know that you didn’t let go of the argument.

And any emotional unsolved issue, small or big, is an energy drain.

Your solutions might be to avoid talking, or even thinking about it. But that is like wiping the dust under the couch, it is not really gone.

There are two ways to go about this. Maybe you need to have a conversation with the person you had the argument with.
But maybe it has to do only with you. In that case, you could clear the energy by forgiving the other person or the situations. A guided meditation can do wonders.


4. Upgrade your diet.

In your afternoon dip, do you reach for the chocolate?
If you eat a lot of refined sugars, drink lots of coffee, or alcohol, or eat lots of meat and animal products your body has a lot to process. Your liver is tired, and therefore you will feel tired too.

You could do a cleanse, but a simple reduction of sugar, coffee, alcohol and meat will give your liver a welcome break. Oh, and don’t forget to drink a lot of water!


5. Have a great night sleep.

Waking up tired in the morning is a sign of a bad night sleep. If you stress levelly is quite high, it is likely that your sleep isn’t so good as it could be.

Now, this is what you can do about it:

  • Shut all devices off at least 1 hour before you go to bed. Instead of being on social media or in your inbox, read a book, listen to music or a guided meditation, do yin yoga, or take a bath. Anything that tells your body: it is okay to let go, and to rest.
  • Make your bedroom 100% dark. Your body will produce more melatonin, and therefore you will sleep a lot better.
  • Cover any mirror in your bedroom. (I do this in hotel rooms all the time and it makes my sleep soo much calmer!)

Let me know in the comments what you’re best tips are to get rid of your tiredness!


In my FREE exercises to release stress, I give you all the tools you when you feel tired.

Go here to get instant access.

Struggling? That is good news!

Struggling? That is good news!

Is struggling a bad thing?


Are you, like me, really good at beating yourself up because you can’t do something yet, because for someone else it seems so easy, and you just can’t make it happen? Do you beat yourself up for struggling your way through?


If that’s you, I totally know how you feel. It is tough to be in that place, but I have good news.


If you are struggling with something,
you are LEARNING.


Because you are in the middle of it, you can’t see it. But believe me, you are.


Let me illustrate this with a little personal story.


A little while ago, on a reunion party, I talked to a teacher from Theatre Academy, where I studied 2 decennia ago. He asked what I was up to nowadays and so I told him that I help people to get out of their heads and into their bodies. That I help them to release stress and have more energy. So that they can be happily do all the things in life they want to do.


He looked at me and was quiet for a little while.


Oh interesting,” he said while looking at me as if he had just eaten a very sour lemon, “because I remember you as mainly head and not so much body.”


One moment I felt like I was that 17 years old girl in Theatre Academy. The youngest of my class, the one that struggled the most.


I felt small, vulnerable, and defensive.


I looked at him, hiding the shame that I felt, and the ‘I’m not good enough’ – feeling that had come over me.


And then I realized.


He still saw me as the girl I was 20 years ago.


And my journey of 20-years, where I learned how to get in touch with me, how to get out of my head and into my body, how to show up fully was something he couldn’t even imagine.

He didn’t know about me getting into dance academy and finishing it, about me becoming a choreographer and traveling the world, about me teaching dance, yoga, and qigong in Mexico and Singapore and Bali. About me figuring out how to bring my magic into online programs and transforms peoples lived from there.


He had not f*ing clue.


And he didn’t mean anything by his comment. He just expressed what he saw, from his perspective.


It touched me so much because of my old wounds.

So I smiled and said:

“Yes, that is a while ago right. I had a beautiful journey every since and I guess that’s the reason I can help other people so well, now.”


Then I excused myself and danced it out on the dance floor.


I thought I’d never tell this to anyone.


I felt that I had to hide that once upon a time I was a ‘walking head’ with a million blockages. That I once had a lot of protecting walls that kept me from being present and showing up. That I remember how it was to want to tear them down, but simply not to be able to.


But then I realized, that exact journey has made me the woman, the teacher, the coach that I am today.


The fact that I know how it feels to not even know your feet are part of yourself, makes that I can help people to feel them. The fact that I’ve been struggling with expressing myself, is where my compassion comes from, my intuition, my insights.


So instead of feeling bad about my 17-years old self, I felt grateful.


Grateful that I showed up for the process. And that I have fully walked the path.


Grateful that I had attracted the perfect teachers into my life that took me on this transformational journey.


So that I can be that expressive, free, connected being that I wanted to be in Theatre Academy a long long time ago.

So, if you are struggling, know that it means that you are changing. You wouldn’t be struggling if you weren’t inspired to change something, and so you are doing that. Right now.

Be compassionate with you. It is fine to struggle. It makes you human. And it makes you a beautiful human, one that knows there is more on the other side, and won’t settle for less.


Oh, and one more thing. So many students and clients have come to me and said that they have felt so safe, and so supported in the transformational process.

And I believe, it is so important.  As teachers, we play a much bigger role in peoples lives than we sometimes realize. It reminds me that I want to keep challenging myself to see students, clients, everyone as if it was for the first time. To never ever put a label on them.