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I don’t give praise easily, but I feel so privileged to have had these online courses recommended to me.  I am a highly sensitive person, and I juggle being a mother, a wife, a doctor and a friend to many and while I feel blessed and have achieved so much, I still suffer with self doubt, and I get stuck physically, emotionally and mentally at times.

Thank you for helping me! These online course are so beautifully presented, and easy to use and follow, and I can do them at times that suit me rather rushing to get to a class, with no time pressure or distractions.

They have helped me learn to quiet my mind, and get back to me!

All aspects of my life have improved and I’m just so grateful Relinde, and I want to say to all those thinking about starting her courses, to just go ahead and start as soon possible because I wish had started them earlier, it’s the best money I’ve spent on myself in this life!

Shereen De Barr

UK, Doctor

I am now in charge of my life. 

When I met Relinde, I was tired a lot and felt disconnected to myself. I felt stressed and worried a lot. Now I feel more in charge of my own life because for example, whenever I get stressed, I know what I can do to get back to feeling good. I now have the tools. 

Before I met Relinde, I was relying on people outside, but now I have this trust that I know what to do on my own. 

I got much more compassionate with others I am also more understanding, firstly towards myself and then as well to others. Relationships have gotten better, both with myself and with other people, because I can let go of things with ease now. I feel joyful and in my full power.

Zane Paula

Latvia, Professional


It’s not just movement. It’s so much more.

Yoga Dance

Relinde is such a loving, positive and energy spreading soul. I love how she combined her yoga and dance knowledge to create such an interesting and unique concept.

I discovered in this class how beautiful it can be to mix yoga with dance. I really enjoyed being able to let go of the rules around normal yoga and to enjoy it more freely when the dance was infused.

 I enjoyed every second of the class and came out from it with a huge smile! A great and fun experience that has stayed in my mind for a long time.

Matilda Andersson

Sweden, Model

Dance and theatre

You’re my favorite teacher ever. I felt a bit nervous because for me dancing always feels somewhat uncomfortable. So I was afraid I couldn’t keep up and wouldn’t remember the steps.   

I discovered that dance and theatre are not that far apart from each other!  During the last workshop, where we combined Cuban Rumba and Contemporary dance, it was so interesting to discover the game of Rumba and to apply dance technique to make a fusion and tell a story. It’s not just movement, it is so much more. 

I would definitely recommend people to work with Relinde. I learned so much about dance, theatre and myself.
She’s proficient, never judges anyone, has nice energy, a personal approach and creates beautiful things.
Just go for it. You won’t regret.

Lot Macrander

Theatre student, The Netherlands


– you know things that have often been taught to be secrets –
in a way that made it really natural

Chi Kung

I feel that I have found a better connection and openness and more forgiveness with myself and others. Which helps me to unblock emotions.

The course was really accessible. It was quick, and it was easy and that was mainly because of the way Relinde explained it.  She shared secrets – you know – things that have often been taught to be secrets, with us in a way that made it really natural.

Christine Marsden-Smedley


I’m so grateful to Relinde for the changes she has helped me to achieve so far. Her friendly approach, with an open heart, remarkable skills, knowledge, and passion made this journey an amazing experience.

I definitely feel that something has shifted, know that I now have the tools to make things better…re-energize, be “in the moment”, regain self-esteem, strength, and motivation. All this makes me feel so different, much more at peace…and this is just the beginning.

Guillia Moressa

The Netherlands / Italy


Easy learning in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

If taking a dance class has been on your list and you are ready to explore how the world of yoga and modern dance can merge, then this is the class for you!

Relinde is a capable and caring teacher, she knows what she is doing and does it beautifully, in a playful and soft way. She invites you to discover your body and move in a way that suits you, in a safe and non-judgemental environment. I truly enjoyed the class and will be back for sure! <3


The Netherlands

Heerlijke les om de zaterdag ochtend op te starten. De lerares is zacht en corrigeert heel goed de houding. De combinatie met moderne dans is een perfecte combinatie met yoga. Aanrader!


The Netherlands


My body feels more alive and I can feel the energy flowing through it.

Yoga Dance Online Class

I’ve been meaning to start doing yoga again and this came at a perfect time for me. I love the beauty and flowing nature of the yoga dance classes.My favorite bit is the improvisation. Very unique and fun. After the class my body feels more alive and I can feel the energy flowing through it.

Sarah Shotts

U.S., Blogger at Love Letter to Adventure

Yoga Dance Online Class

It was quite hot by midday today and I decided I’d only watch the class, and not join in… but once it started I just had to move with you. A great decision. My body is feeling connected and much more long, melty, and flowing.

Barbara Hames

Franklin Method Teacher, Bali


I discovered that I am be able to let the body go and express freely.

Yoga Dance

Trained in traditional style of yoga and from a dance background i was a little hesitant about the combination, but I was inspired and enjoyed the combination of  free dance movement and postures!

I discovered that I am be able to let the body go and express freely. I really enjoyed the flowing combination of yoga and dance.

Stacie John

Yoga Teacher, Australia

Cuban meets Contemporary 

I would definitely recommend people to take this class! Cuban dance is a very interesting way of moving the body and connecting with others. It gives a lovely vibe of dancing as a community.

What I liked most about the workshop was Relinde’s heart to empower every single one of us. I discovered that being sensual can be a beautiful movement quality and that I should embrace my role as a female.

With Relinde’s genuine desire to share her love for dance and help every individual strengthen his or her expression, it is truly an amazing experience.

Ong Cheryl

Dance student, Singapore


Relinde invited us to share who we are.

Yoga Dance

I thought the class might be to complex for me. But I loved it!  Relinde’s engaging presence encouraged interaction amongst participants. She invitated us to share who we are.

It was fun, expansive, had an element of freedom  and exploration of movement. I would recommend anyone to take this class, it is creative and playful. Thank you!


Somatic Physiotherapist, Australia


I discovered in Relinde’s classes that precision is very important when it comes to yoga. I love that she always gives a lot of  personal attention, and creates a safe place where i can develop myself. 

I would recommend this class to anyone. A private lesson with Relinde showed me a new side of yoga and my body. 

Relinde is simply the best teacher i ever had. She has also a lot of anatomy knowledge which is very helpful to solve certain blockages. Besides she has a warm personality and always tries to compose the best lesson for me. I would highly recommend her if you want to discover your own body.


Entrepreneur, Australia


I felt instant clarity.

Private Healing Session

The private sessions with Relinde gave me instant clarity.  My spiritual connection felt stronger after the session, My mind was calm, my heart was happy and I gained new insights.I felt supported. Relinde is a very talented in what she does. With her positive and light being she tickles and awakes my own light being. Grateful for having her in my life.

Lydia Müller

Dancer, The Netherlands

I had a theta healing session with Relinde and couldn’t believe how much I learnt about myself and how much I released in such a short time. Relinde has such a soothing presence that I found the session to be incredibly relaxing as well as being a valuable way for me to shift some of the limiting beliefs I have grown accustomed to believing about myself and that have affected how I have been choosing to live my life.

I’m looking forward to having another session with Relinde, it’s a beautiful way of learning more about myself in totally safe, calm and relaxing environment.

Holly Blake

Collage artist, England