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Our bodies, minds and everything around us are made of information, of energy. That is easy to understand, and at the same time it might be an abstract knowing.

For sure, you know when you have energy and when you lack energy. You might have experienced how amazing is it to find ways to raise your energy levels when you need it (or just would like to have more energy to do all the things you like in a day!)

In this article, I will share my two favorite techniques to get my energy levels up in no-time.
First: Cellular Breathing is a beautiful and accessible exercise that will make you feel alive and bubbly (yes, bubbly ;-)) And second, the most powerful energy practice I know;  Chi Kung.

In my Yoga Dance classes, I merge and use both of these practices and their principles. Let me explain more about it.

1. Cellular Breathing

The life of a human being begins with a single cell.  As grown ups, our bodies consist of approx 37.2 trillion cells. And every cell has consciousness. The consciousness of a cell is different from the ordinary consciousness of a fully realized being. Nevertheless, these and other states of consciousness exist simultaneously within us. One way we can experience these other states of being and perception is through awakening our awareness at the cellular level.

We can make contact with the body on a cellular level by allowing the attention to focus there.

How do we do that?

Imagine that all our bodily systems have a unique ‘mind.’ It can be explained as a different innate intelligence and quality of your bones, your skin, your organs and other systems in the body.

Close your eyes, relax, and breath in deeply. Imagine the cells in your body, trillions of cells, being happy and bubbly and alive. Now in every breath, imagine all of your cells to breathe in, and when you breath out, imagine all of your cells to breathe out.

2 Chi Flow or Energy flow

Chi kung (or Qi Kung), which literally means the Art of Energy goes directly into the energy level. By getting into a meditative state of mind, and doing chi kung exercises, you will improve your energy flow and build internal force.

How do increase your energy level through Chi Kung?

The key to a higher energy level is a skill, called Chi Flow.
How to generate a ‘chi flow’ is considered ‘a secret’ in ancient practices. Think Kung Fu Panda; one has to be a dedicated student to receive the secrets. But nowadays, these secrets are available to anyone who is open to learning them.

While writing this,  realize that words cannot explain fully what I want to say. It is inevitable that you, as the reader, interpret words like ‘energy’ or ‘flow’ or ‘mind’ in your way, based on your experiences. I will still try to explain my personal experiences. You know what I’ll mean when you experience it. And you can do that, of course, is to join a class and experience what I am talking about  – which I will invite you to do at the end of this article.

How to increase your Energy Flow so that you feel better whatever you do.
There are two states where your energy can be in: energy is either blocked or it flows. And when it is blocked, you will experience pain, or anger or any form of discomfort.

To release the blockages you basically just need to:  Relax, get out of your own way, and allow fresh chi to flow through your body to clear out any stale or blocked energy.

It is key to release muscular tension and to clear your mind of all thoughts. Now, since we are not used to moving and be without tension and without thoughts, this might not happen right away, but there are short-cuts to mastering those skills. Such as: learning it from someone who can transmit the skill to you.

How do you know if you experience chi flow?
Most important: it is not something you need to imagine, it is as clear as knowing that you are reading this article or sitting on a chair. When you know, you just know.

Want to raise your energy levels?
If you would like to dive deeper into this subject, do join the Yoga Dance class on the 27th of May in The Conscious Club in Amsterdam. It will not only be playful, fun and energizing, but it will also give you tools that you can use anytime in your day.

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