What sharks taught me about premium pricing

“It’s dangerous to feed bread to the fish,” our guide told us. “It actually attracts sharks which puts everyone in the boat in danger.” 🦈

We’re sitting in a little sailboat with our guide – tanned, skinny, a sense of inner peace – in the beautiful blue waters near the coast of Belize.

Last night he told us that if we’d chosen to take the snorkel tour with him – we’d have an experience like no other.

Although his price was much higher than the other tour guides, we’d felt intrigued and booked.

And here, out on that little boat in the sea, he tells his story.

He points at the motorboats a bit further ahead; the drivers throw bread into the water to attract the fish for the tourists.

In fact, he told us about how the driver of another boat had done exactly that and ended up having to shoot at a female shark to clear her from the area and protect his passengers aboard.

Our guide took it upon himself to nurse this shark back to health when she was wounded.

Since then, he has visited her every day.

When she was well again, he even saw her have her shark babies.

He became a member of their “shark family.” 🦈 🦈 🦈

“And when I go back into the water – my friendly Shark family comes to say hi. And they will see you as friends too since you’re with me”.

Now, I’m not a hero in the water – and I noticed a slight panic creeping up my chest. I mean… we’re talking SHARKS 😉

But once in the water, one, then another, and another shark came, all kinds of shapes and sizes – indeed, the whole family was there – I had felt a sense of calm and oneness.

It was easily one of the most beautiful, exclusive, and memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

And the higher price we had paid… – became irrelevant.

Our guide ELEVATED what was supposed to be a simple snorkeling trip into making us feel like insiders to his secret world.

So why am I telling you this?

Because those are exact experiences I want for you to be able to create for clients, too –

Even if you feel your niche is “too saturated” or don’t know how to position yourself as high-end with your offer and messaging right now.

That’s why I am excited to invite you into my NEW week-long free challenge called “Elevate to Exclusive.”

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