Why Your Limiting Beliefs Are Actually Self Love

In the online coaching space, we talk about limiting beliefs A LOT. 

But what’s not talked about much is HOW you can actually shift them in your subconscious so that everything changes for you for good. 

I notice that this leads to not only frustration, but also to shame. 

Someone comes to me and they say “I don’t feel good enough.” Then they start with the affirmation “I’m good enough.”

When they don’t hit their goals (like making a million Euros,) the conclusion becomes “I’m not good enough” and they actually feel WORSE than before. 

Shifting a limiting belief isn’t just about affirmations. 


Affirmations and evidence can help your brain to start accepting these new ideas, but they aren’t going to change your subconscious on a deep level. 

What would happen if I told you that next year, you could actually work less hours with your clients, have more for marketing and sales to drive your business further and triple or even 10X your revenue. 

Things would come up like...

“I’m not ready for that”
“My program isn’t good enough yet”
“I don’t have a big enough audience”
“I’m not famous enough”
“I need more training” 

What I really want you to know about all these beliefs is that they APPEAR as the truth. 

First...start questioning these beliefs. Are they really the truth? 

You need to SLOW DOWN to really catch them. 

These beliefs are so sneaky because they are wired in your brain, and you’ve practiced them over and over again. 

REMEMBER - If you feel like you can’t change, remember that neuroplasticity has proven for a long time that the brain CAN rewire itself. 

If you feel like “it’s not possible for me to make a million dollars” reframe it as 

“I’m good enough and it’s possible for me to make a million dollars.” 

There’s always some fear around that, and you start asking yourself “what could go wrong in my life if that was my reality?”

Thoughts may come up like...

People will think I’m arrogant

I’ll lose my friends

I’ll alienate my parents 

So our brain is looking at this and it goes like this “we have all these fears around this positive belief, so we don’t need this positive belief.” 

The good news is, you can tell your brain that you can be a millionaire without being completely alone or losing friends or alienating my family members. 

Be compassionate with your brain. It’s just trying to protect you from experiencing painful things. 

So many of our beliefs are imprinted before we are 7 years old. So looking back at your early years to unpack these beliefs and see which events actually created the belief. 

Now, you’re giving yourself the chance to energetically cut the cord and allow yourself to evolve from that. You don’t have to be defined by what happened. 

Need some help shifting into this state of self-compassion and forgiveness? 

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