No subconscious beliefs are standing in your way, making you foggy, or slowing you down.

No confusion about your strategy or action plan is keeping you from making progress.

Instead, you’re moving forward with nothing standing in your way.

You’re unbound, expansive, and limitless.
This is how you hit your stride in business, hit your financial goals, and continue to grow.

During my entrepreneurial journey over the past 17 years, I have discovered a universal truth:

Your subconscious beliefs need to support your vision and your goals.

Me and my team have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like YOU remove their limiting beliefs and package and monetize their brilliance for maximum impact and income.

Elevate to Thrive™ is integrated, it’s holistic, and it’s authentic.

If that sounds good to you, keep reading to find the ways I can help you and your business to

elevate & thrive.

The Elevate to Thrive™ Academy is a high-touch program that helps vision-driven coaches and experts get clear on their “one thing” so they can multiply their income with ease. You’ll rewire your brain for success, find the common thread in all you do, package up your wisdom, and solidify your marketing, messaging, and sales process so it feels authentic, aligned, and totally sleaze-free. (And works.)

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Relinde's program is for people who see business as a way to create more good in the world.

I decided to join the Elevate to Thrive Academy because I was lacking business skills and felt very blocked as far as marketing. I didn’t know what I needed to do but knew that I needed help. I wasn’t sure if I could afford the monthly investment, if I had the time to commit to the program, or if it would actually help me. Thankfully, I took the leap anyway.

Since joining, I’ve been doing the work which makes me feel like I have a more stable foundation. Overall, I feel more confident and clear about how to run my business. I have a direction and know what I need to do in order to grow my business.

I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to have a holistic approach to running a business and wants to work on themselves. People who don’t view business as just chasing money, but as a way to create more good in this world - but at the same time take care of themselves financially.

The Elevate To Thrive™ Mastermind is a year-long program for 6-figure business owners who want to double or triple their income — and hit 7 figures in an aligned way.

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After working with Relinde, the money is coming in by the 10-thousands. I am working in my zone of genius.

I had all the subconscious stories that were running everything in the background. My decision making, how I showed up, whether I showed up…I was in the way of my own next level of success.

Relinde found the limiting beliefs we needed to work on right away and released it on the spot which was incredible.

If you are growing your business, if you feel you are hitting a ceiling as to how much success you can allow coming in, if you want to have more flow in your business and turn on the flow of money streaming in, by stepping out of your own way and allow the good stuff to come to you... then Work. With. Relinde!

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