You are NOT your business (and why that matters)

I've heard this over and over again: You ARE your business. 

Here’s why I don't agree with that popular opinion.

Even though you  have given birth to your business, your business is a separate entity. 

Just like a baby, you might have created them, yet they are and become a person of their own. Right?

Why does it matter to realize that you are not your business?

Here are a few things that I've heard that people struggle with that are instantly solved when we realize our business is an independent body of work:

>>"I hate selling myself."

You're not selling yourself - you're selling your offers designed to help people get where they want to be. 

>> "I only want to put out content when I feel like it."

Content creation is essential to being visible in your business - and to deliver value to your (soon-to-be) clients. It needs a rhythm, that isn’t relying on your mood. 

>> "I feel like a failure when I don't sell more offers."

Your WORTH is not dependent at all on the success of your business. YOU are infinitely worthy, successful, and loved, and the amount of $$$ your biz makes can never be dependent on how worthy you feel.

(I've met incredibly successful business people that still didn't feel worthy or confident - so really - it doesn't fix anything)

So here is my question to you:

If you can see your business as a separate entity that you love and care for, and that is your channel to share your gifts and receive abundance -

What would you do differently today?

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